Fiverr is a site where you pay people about $5 and above to do just about anything. It works by purchasing a gig after which the gig creator delivers the service or product (gig).

Freelancer on the other hand is a site to meet a wide range of freelancers that can do anything for you. Freelancers can compete and bid on your posted job after which you can give the job to the best person.

Fiverr and Freelancer are super intelligent money-saving resources for your business when used in the right way. There are various ways you can use them in your lean start up efficiently. here are 9 of such ways to make use of them effectively:

How to use fiverr and freelancer for business
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1. Use fiverr & freelancer to design your brand and logo.

Talented professional are abound in these sites to help you out with your business branding and logo needs. Check out awesome talented designers from fiverr.


2. Use fiverr and freelancer to promote your business.

Promote your business in various ways with fiverr or freelancer such as by running a Facebook ad campaign, sponsored blog posts, Instagram ads or influencer partnership. Hire ad professionals to help you run and manage your business ads effectively.

3. Use fiverr and freelancer for copy writing services.

Copy writing is the act of writing for the purpose of enabling your audience to take some action you want then to take such as some purchase or downloads. Copy writing is writing for advertising and marketing purposes. Find skilled and engaging copywriters online via fiverr and freelancer.

4. Translation services.

Use fiverr and freelancer to translate your business site and documents into other languages from any country you operate in. Translation widens your customer base by removing an important language barrier. Choose from efficient and perfect translators in several languages.

5. Hire a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants are online assistants that help you organise and get things done in no time. Countless effective virtual assistants are in fiverr and freelancer to help you plan and get work done faster.

6. Use fiverr and freelancer to manage your social media pages.

How to use fiverr and freelancer for business

You can hire people to manage and grow your social media accounts for you. Let a professional manager analyse, grow, manage and promote your social media pages like facebook, Instagram and pinterest. Set your social media up for success:

7. Use fiverr and freelancer for your graphic design needs.

You can use fiverr and freelancer for your business graphic designs needs. Give some graphic design jobs to cost effective design pros on the sites.

8. Your story and about page.

Your business about/story page is your chance to of course tell your captivating story and make a striking sinking impression on he minds of your readers.
Make it outstanding by using fiverr and freelancer.

9. Write your privacy policy and disclaimer pages.

If you can’t go about this yourself, another way to do this is to craft these pages on your site with fiverr and freelancer.

How else have you used fiverr and freelancer for your business?

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