People have been making money online since the Internet was invented and they are doing it from home or anywhere else. Location is no barrier when you are making money online. Making money online is not rocket science and it shouldn’t have to seem like it. With this list of 25 creative ways to make money online, you should be able to achieve your income goals this year 2018.

Creative Ways to Make Money Online
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1. Be a social media consultant:
Social media is powerful and people/companies/small business are realizing that. Help clients get their content to the target audience, build a reputation on social media and sell more. If this is something you are good at, now’s the time to make your skill profitable with very little investment and from the convenience of your home. Use upwork to find some jobs to get started.

2. Make money with your Instagram posts.
Make money with your Instagram posts via sponsorships, shout outs, collaboration and ads by becoming an Instagram influencer. Businesses often partner with influencers(people with a large follower base. By helping them advertise and sell their product to your audience, you get paid in return. The more your followers, the more money you can command per collaboration/ sponsored posts. This is an esay way to make money, you are basically getting paid to use Instagram and all you need to start up is your smartphone and Instagram followers. Check out this tips on how to get more Instagram followers and become an influencer to get started.


3.Start a Blog

Make money from home with a pen, note, website and your voice. Start a blog on anything/niche from a food blog to celebrity gossip blog. This is another business idea with little investment and limitless pontential. Check my complete guide on why and how to start a blog that shows you how to do everything from picking a domain name and blog topic to making money with it.

4. Start a YouTube channel
Start making engaging and interesting videos for YouTube and become a YouTube partner when your audience is large enough. You can make money from your YouTube channel by displaying ads for YouTube. You can also make money through sponsored videos, partnership and product reviews for companies you have partnered with.


5 Freelance writing business
Find freelance writing jobs on fiverr, upwork, freelancer and the likes. Get paid per hour or per article/job. Earning online from your home or anywhere by freelancing on any of this sites. To get start, set up a sample portfolio and head over to fiverr or freelancer. Find other freelancing jobs such as logo-designing, web design, programming, illustration, social media marketing and others.

6 Review websites and affiliate marketing
Make a website that only does reviews. Pick a niche and start reviewing online to make money. You can make money by reviewing and recommending products using Amazon or any other sites. Make money from products recommendation or affiliate marketing. Examples of products you can review include: Gadgets, beauty products, home equipment and survival Gadgets. Make sure to do a thorough review posts.

7 Self publish on amazon
Find success and fame by self publishing your books via Amazon.

8 Copywriting
Copywriting is the act of writing text for advertising and marketing purposes. A copywriter basically gets people to take some form of action by the text they write. Companies hire copywriters to do just that. Because copywriting is an in demand skill, it’s also a high Earning skill that you can do online anywhere in the world. To get started, find jobs via fiverr and freelancer.

9 Translation
Globally based businesses that operate in other language speaking countries need to translate their documents into the appropriate languages. Sit back and make money online by providing translation services.


10 Graphic design
Have a flare for design? Start a graphic design agency to make money. More and businesses are online more than ever and will be needing the services of a graphic designer for their branding needs. Because the end product of graphic design is digital, this means that you can easily run your business online and from home or an island if you choose.

11 Web design
Make money by designing websites for people. Employment demands is faster than the average at a rate of 13 percent from 2016-2026.

12 Make a mobile app
Turn your app idea into an actual app. You can do this by either coding it yourself, hiring someone to do it or by purchasing an existing app and updating it.

13 Flip websites
Flip websites by buying low and selling high via flippa and other market places. You can also flip domain names, dropshipping sites and mobile apps to make money.

Online Creative Ways to Make money from home

14 Flip domain names.
Buy and sell domain names to make money. Domain names can sell for hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. Check out flippa to get started. Also join domain name membership sites and forums to learn, get started and sell.


15 Start an online store
Start an online shop selling anything from fashion to Gadgets. You can make money from your store and there is no limit to how much you can make with your store because it’s a no fail idea. Starting an online store is easy with shopify. Shopify make it very easy and doable because no coding, technical skills are required. Just sign up and start adding products.

16 Sell your art and crafts online via society6, zazzle, etsy, cafepress, shapeways and redbubble.

17 Drop shipping
Drop shipping is starting an online store but you with no inventory. You do not carry inventory to drop ship. You can do this by finding suppliers to partner with and setting up an easy integrated store with shopify. Automate and simplify your drop shipping business with oberlo


18 Teach a course online, udemy etc
Teach an online course through various platforms such as udemy or host on your own site.

19 Make an info product or eBook.
Write a problem-solving eBook or several, market and distribute them online. Example 2knowmyself

20. Coach others on your expertize.
Start a coaching business. People will pay coaches on any subject they want to know about. Coach other on topic such as personal training, food and business.

21 Make your own tutorial site.
Make a helpful tutorial site for any subject or several subjects. Online is one of the best place to learn anything, tutor people by offering tutorial posts, books, courses and videos.


22 Fiverr services
Make money by offering fiverr services. Fiverr makes it easy to set up your services and start making money.

23 Subscription/Membership based site
Make a subscription based site by offering an intelligent product or products available on a paid subscription basis. As long as a product is helpful, people that need it will subscribe for it.

24 Consulting business
Make money by offering consultation services on any topic. Guide people via your consultation and you may get paid per hour or per job.

25 Sell stock photography
Sell your awesome photographs online.

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