Instagram is no longer just the place to whirl away time. Instagram is a powerful, excellent and wonderful resource for creatives because of its highly engaging visual content. I recently started trying on Instagram. Here are 9 steps I am taking to grow my Instagram and get more engagement.

How to Grow Instagram Account

1. A presentable bio.
I will start by having a relevant and optimised bio by using keywords my potential folllowers are likely to use when looking for accounts similar to mine. I will use these descriptive keywords in my bio.

2. Awesome content that people want to see.
Because Content is the king on Instagram. It’s mostly all about the content so I will be posting more Savory content that people want to see and inhale.

3. Frequent content.
Nobody wants to follow dead Instagram accounts. Though I am prone to go MIA for long, I will try to make sure to post at least 1-2 times per day so this will definitely be a challenge.

4. Themed account.
I am working on theming my account as it’s always eye catching and pretty to behold.

5. Engaging audience.
I will do this by using call to action posts that encourages commenting and tagging under posts. I will also post other people’s content and give appropriate credits of course.

6. Using specific but effective #hashtags.
I love hashtags and I will be using them more, all 30 of them. My goal with my effective hashtag list is to enable my posts discoverable to potential followers and to try and get it featured in the top 9 posts of the some individual hashtags. To do this, I have to make trending easier by including hashtags of smaller sizes (about 5,000-50,000). I will include about 15-20 of those. My next 5-10 will be decent sized hashtags of about 50,000-200,000. The remaining will be larger sized ones. I will be including my hashtags in a comment under my IG posts.

7. Following more people.
I will be following more people/accounts that I like and enjoy. My timeline needs a makeover anyways.

8. More activity(likes, comments, reposts).

I plan to be generally more active on Instagram by liking, commenting and reposting stuff that I like. So basically, the plan is to generally increase my interaction with other people/accounts.

9. Being consistent.
Because consistency breeds excellent results.
These are the steps I am taking to grow my Instagram account. Will you be joining me? Yes? Good! We can call it the Instagram Growth Challenge 2018. Lets do this!

What else are you doing to grow your Instagram account?

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