Never get stuck again trying to write a new blog post for your lifestyle blog again in 2018.

Here are 70 blog post ideas for you to use in your next lifestyle blog post and the next and the next after that. Enjoy;

  1. Review your favorite items at the moment, be it beauty items, food or Gadgets.
  2. Review your past goals and set new goals for yourself.
  3. Make a post about your favorite Instagram accounts
  4. Share a typical day in your life.

Blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers

5. Do a movie review
6. Share your typical diet
7. Write about the happiest event of your life
8. Showcase the favorite things in your closet.
9. A day you will never forget in your life
10. Your favorite inspirational/motivation quotes
11. Write about someone you admire
12. Share your traveling adventure.
13. Share your favorite recipe.
14. Your favorite music.
15. Your favorite books
16. Your blogging tools and resources
17. Share your to-do list for the week/month
18. Write a listicle. Who doesn’t love listicles?
19. Your favorite YouTube channels
20. Start a poll or several.
21. Publish your blog income and traffic.
22. Make a video post.
23. Talk career advice.
24. Lessons you have learned in life
25. Do a question and answer post with your readers
26. Talk about a bad experience you’ve been through.
27. What’s life like in your city?
28. Talk about your personal achievements and gives advice on the how.
29. Describe your childhood experiences, upbringing and challenges.
30. Writes down your awesome business ideas
31. Your favorite shops and brands
32. Do a tutorial
33. A post about your favorite blogs/bloggers
34. Conduct an interview of an expert
35. Your 1,2 or 5 year plan.

Blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers
36. A letter or advice to your younger self
37. Post about fancy places you have been to.
38. Write about your fitness goals.
39. A post about your budget and saving plan.
40. Show off your personal stuff.
41. Talk university advice.
42. Date plans and outfit.
43. Review an event
44. You can also live blog an ongoing event.
45. Criticize a product you have tried.
46. A D.I.Y craft you tried.
47. Your favorite hairstyle.
48. Do a giveaway.
49. Post a before and after story
50. All the jobs you’ve ever done
51. How to make money online
52. Time management.
53. An infographic
54. Post about your wish list.
55. Your marketing strategies
56. Debunk myths about anything.
57. Do an ultimate guide of something
58. Post about your personal stories
59. Your best productivity tips
60. Do a top 10 list
61. Write about your bucket list
62. A post about what gives you inspiration.
63. Your best organization tips
64. Share your hobbies
65. A what’s in your bag post complete with awesome photography.
66. Start a post series

Blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers
67. A holiday themed post
68. Do a challenge that will also engage your readers
69. Publish your readers comments.
70. Xx blog post ideas. Come up with your own list just like I have done.
71. Xx Reasons to do xxxxx. Give some reasons to do something

Have I missed anything? Feel free to add it in the comments below. Let’s get very chatty.

Hey there I’m Sharon. This is where I talk about simple blogging and business strategies for savvy bosses! Stay tuned.

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